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How to dispose of your (End-of-Life) vehicle

ISUZU strives to offer innovative products for all of us. This embraces the complete life cycle of a vehicle - from the design stage right through to recycling.

ISUZU applies state-of-the-art Design for Recycling (DfR) guidelines to ensure environmentally friendly recycling at the end of a vehicle's life. Ecologically friendly disposal and treatment of End-of-Life Vehicles is one of ISUZU’S environmental targets.

ISUZU has selected partners across Europe who are able to ensure environmental protection when handling harmful substances and waste. This waste is to a great extent recovered and recycled to ensure the highest levels of environmental protection


The selected partner for Cyprus is:


21, Yianni Koromia street, Kaimakli

P.O.Box 29530 , CY1720 , Nicosia , Cyprus



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